Management software for scope definition

Scope-IT® is decision support software for management to identify, analyse and definitively determine scope requests for a plant shutdown. 
It uses a workflow that allows mul...

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Advantages of Scope-IT®

  • Scope definition
  • Risk analysis 
  • Budget determination per discipline
  • Justifying scope
  • Scope challenge & nomination

from work preparation to handover to production

Roser Systems® is a complete software package to prepare, manage and execute the scope of a plant shutdown or maintenance project, such as a Turnaround or Shutdown. Roser Systems focuses on t...

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Advantages of Roser Systems®

  • Fully digital work preparation 
  • Plan cards for the purpose of scheduling
  • Digital wallpapers  
  • Integrated QAQC & Handover
  • Discipline input possible by contractors

The compact and powerful tool for scheduling

Schedule-IT® is a software package developed for clients who prefer a simple, but yet powerful tool to schedule activities. Its focus is on a practical approach, whereby you will not be caught up ...

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Advantages of Schedule-IT®

  • Critical path analysis
  • Resource histograms
  • S-curves
  • Resource leveling
  • Compare scheduled and actual project status

Complete solution for safeguarding process installations

Blind-IT® is a software application to determine and follow all your Lock-Out & Tag-Out (LOTO) activities. The application offers the opportunity to manage all isolation points and blindlists ...

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Advantages of Blind-IT®

  • Easy to compose LOTO and blindlists
  • Status of isolation points visible on your P&ID
  • Grip on the progress of activities
  • Convenient viewing and filtering options


Preparation and execution of welding and NDE work

Weld-IT® is a software application developed for the preparation, execution and quality control of welding. With this application it is possible for all parties (welding contractors, NDE contracto...

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Advantages of Weld-IT®

  • Create LISLs
  • Prepare and keep track of the status of NDE
  • Print all weld information as a fabrication book
  • Include post weld heat treatment (PWHT)

for time registration during your project

Time-IT® is an easy to install (temporary) timekeeping and attendance registration system for projects. Perfect for shutdowns and turnarounds or in addition to the entrance control. Each employee ...

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Advantages of Time-IT®

  • Scheduled hours vs. worked hours 
  • Integrated with tasks in Roser Systems
  • Clock in and out through touchscreens

Software for requesting and issuing permits to work

Permit-IT® is the software solution for preparing and issuing (possibly clustered)  permits to work. Its aim is to get the work process around permits to work efficient by making optimum...

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Advantages of Permit-IT

  • Flexible permit to work design possible 
  • Smartly integrated with the Roser Suite
  • Direct overview of the permit status

Software for Management of Change

Change-IT® offers the possibility to fully digitalize your MoC process. Changes to process installations can have consequences for safety, well-being, environment, reliability and performance. It ...

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Advantages of Change-IT®

  • Your workflow is completely integrated 
  • Reviewers are involved based on complexity
  • Necessary documents are pre-defined 
  • All history is available for audits 

Middle ware solution and synchronisation of data

How do you secure that the data integrity between your ERP system and Roser is compliant? For this purpose Roser has developed the data exchange module (DAEX module). ...

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Advantages of DAEX®

  • Import notifications 
  • Maintenance asset data 
  • Synchronise material data 
  • Create export files
  • Maintain supplier data


Material Management Software

Supply-IT® is the Materials Management application through which all materials for the Roser suite applications can be maintained. Through Supply-IT all material articles can be imported from your...

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Advantages of Supply-IT®

  • Central database for materials
  • Maintenance bill of materials
  • Pipe specifications
  • Material certificates control
  • Integration with Roser Suite